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Most Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ Topics

  • User Account

    1. Why set up a user account?

    2. How can I set up an account?

    3. How can I change my details?

  • Ordering Process

    1. What methods can I use to place an order?

    2. Do I have to set up an account to place an order?

    3. I have placed my order but have not received an email confirmation, can you help?

  • Delivery Information

    1. How long will it take for my delivery to arrive?

    2. How much is the cost of delivery?

    3. What delivery options are available?

  • Returns Information

    1. What is your returns policy?

    2. Can I return or exchange an item?

    3. How do I go about returning an item?

  • Payments Information

    1. What payment methods do you accept?

    2. Can I pay for my order over the telephone?

    3. What currencies can I use?

  • Sales Tax and VAT Information

    1. Will there be sales tax on my order?

    2. How do I know if I have to pay sales tax?

  • Technical Information

    1. I am experiencing problems accessing your website

    2. I am not receiving your emails

  • Chairmat Information

    1. What are chairmats made of?

    2. What is Polycarbonate?

    3. What is PVC?

  • Door Mats Information

    1. How do I find the best door mat for my needs?

    2. Are the indoor entrance mats washable?

    3. Is there a mat that will help to prevent sand and grit from being carried into the house?

  • Utility Mats Information

    1. Do you have a mat that will ease fatigue?

    2. Would a dust control mat be suitable for tidying away cables?

    3. Can you recommend an extra strong mat that would be suitable for my workshop?

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